Configuring SMTP Authentication on

These are screen shots to enable a Posix EMAIL Customer to enable SMTP Authentication on the VWEB.CO.ZA system.This is both for people with the shared email addresses and for customers with their own customised domain names.

Browse to and login using your full email address and current password.

You don't need to fill in the Optional OTP Passwd box, unless you have enabled One Time Password management.

Once you have logged in, part of the screen will look like below:

Change the SMTP Auth (SA) value from "No" to "Yes" as per below

..and complete the process by clicking on [Submit].

If your password is less than 8 characters in length - you will be forced to update it to a longer password. We recommend adding some non-alphabetical characters such as numbers and punctuation. Remember, if this password is discovered and used by a bad person - you will suddently appear to be sending SPAM e-mails to people around the world when they abuse your e-mail account - so please keep it safe. Posix Systems will never ask you for your password - we already know what it is - so don't allow yourself to be compromised by bad people asking you for it.